The Radical Radish


RADISHES // vitamin c packed & good for immune system health

There are countless reasons why radishes are a good addition to your diet but improving your immune system is one of the most important.

A half a cup of radishes per day in a salad or just as a snack is nearly 15% of your daily intake of vitamin c.

Consistently maxing out your daily dose of vitamin c intake can rejuvenate your immune system by replacing many of the antioxidants and white blood cells which are so integral in fighting off every illness from the common cold to cancer.

Vitamin c does not only boost your immune system but it also is considered a super vitamin because of all the other high-impact effects it has on the body.

It helps regulate your metabolism, which changes fat into usable energy and it is a main contributor in the creation of collagen, which is an essential protein that strengthens blood vessel walls and reduces the chances of artherosclerosis and various other heart diseases.


I cannot take credit for today’s recipe but I had to share because it’s so good and so easy to make. My transition into a semi-vegan has actually been really fun. I stumbled upon a food truck “Ripe Cuisine” the other month in Montrose and make as many stops as I possibly can. They have many vegan and GF options making my daily stresses on finding GF food possible!

A Short History: From Food Blog to Food Truck

Ripe Cuisine began in 2010 when Stephanie Hoban, chef and owner, began blogging her vegan recipes to showcase her passion for both nutrition and cooking. Most of the recipes focused on re-creating classically “un-vegan” dishes into new “veganized” healthy versions or providing novel recipes for different ways to eat whole, plant-based foods.  Through sharing her recipes, Stephanie aimed to inspire ones to try a new foods, a new way to cook them, and overall broaden their diet in a healthy way. After recognizing the need for nutritious, flavorful, and plant-based food options in Houston, and a mere year later after launching the blog, the Ripe Market Cafe was born, a bi-weekly pop-up cafe held at Urban Harvests Farmers Markets. What was a natural extension of the recipes posted on the Ripe Cuisine blog quickly became the framework for what is today the Ripe Cuisine Food Truck.

They hang out often by Inversion Coffee on Montrose near West Grey, downtown on Taco Truck Tuesday’s and The Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market every Saturday! Saturday’s are the only times they serve their brunch menu but holy moly it’s awesome. Next time I visit the farmer’s market, I will definitely be trying their Acai smoothie bowl. The hyperlink attached to their name has the Food Truck’s nomadic schedule attached! Check them out!

Until then, I dare you to recreate the trucks amazing Avocado Toast!



1 slice of bread toasted

1/2 avocado mashed

1 radish sliced

handful of spiced organic pepita seeds

local onion sprouts

  1. Toast your bread in your toaster (I don’t own a toaster or microwave so I have become very savvy with the oven…to toast some bread in the oven, simply place the bread inside, preheat the oven to 350, once done preheating your bread is now toast)
  2. Mash the avocado and spread across toast
  3. Slice 4-5 pieces of the radish with a knife or mandolin and add to toast
  4. Sprinkle on top the seeds and sprouts
  5. Eat, enjoy, repeat!




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